ChalkTalk: Hannah Stone; Invite Your Neighbors! Finding Accurate Info; Appliance Depot; More; Song: Crazy In Alabama

CONTENTS 6/21/2020
Chalk Talk With Hannah Stone
Chalk: Invite Your Neighbors!
Appliance Depot Liquidation Sale
Finding Accurate Covid Info
Mask Pattern
Gutter Cleaning?
Seeking Rental
Seeking Short Term Furnished Apt
Radio Free Fl!p: Crazy In Alabama


Hannah is our other neighborhood representative on the City Council. Columbia spans Wards One and Two, with the larger southern section in Ward Two, and just a tiny bit along Kulshan, and Meridian in Ward Three if I’m reading the maps correctly. The neighborhood boundaries were originally set to reflect the catchment areas for each elementary school, but that was long ago, and school boundaries change over time. Something that I really love in Bellingham is that, although I tend to start with Gene or Hannah when I have a concern, in my experience every council member considers themselves responsive and responsible for the city as a whole.


We’ve got 43 sign-ups so far, and some very cool live bands as well. The sign-up form and map are working. (Thank you Jonny Kemp!) I’ve got enough free chalk for nearly 200 households, and we have 1700 households in our neighborhood, plus the businesses, schools and churches that also call us home. I’d love your help getting the word out and getting lots of people signed up early. I have 50 sets of bright colored chalk on the way (being shipped). Dakota Art, down on Cornwall, has about 25 sets of the big, vivid chalks that used to be part of the Allied Arts Downtown Chalk Fest in years gone by. They also have smaller sets of bright colored chalk. There is still time for them to be able to order more bright colored chalk if folks buy all they have, but only if it happens fast. We’re two weeks away right now. Come by my house to pick up pale chalk. I’ve got over 140 sets right now. Just call first to set up a time. 360-671-4511, first come, first served.


Sat, Jun 27, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Appliance Depot has closed. We are hosting a liquidation sale of appliances, parts, tools and more. Please come with cash, including smaller bills. Exact change is appreciated. Credit cards can be used for purchases of $50 or more.

The sale will be held mainly outdoors, weather permitting. A few items will be inside. Please come prepared with a mask. We ask that customers adhere to social distancing protocol including wearing a mask if it’s not possible to stay 6 feet apart. All appliances are sold as is, no warranties given. Delivery will not be available. Come prepared to load and transport your purchases day of sale.

No Earlybirds! Earlybirds Pay Double.


From Betsy Brown MD: Arming yourself with knowledge and skills to ferret out misinformation can help. I especially like this Infodemic Blog which teaches how to decide if a source is reliable. We need more of that. Another good source is which has a Coronavirus misinformation tracking center. It is not political to help prevent infections.


Interesting mask story & pattern.


I am looking for someone who can clean out gutters and roof at my place, 1305 W. Illinois.  Can you post this info on your page? My e-mail is: and my phone is (360) 671-5788. Thanks!    Pat Brown


I am looking for a 2-3 bedroom home to rent in the Colombia or surrounding neighborhoods, available in August. $1700 or less a month, 2 cats, no smoking, no dogs. ~ Melissa Gregory 360-527-6741


My brother in law and girlfriend are looking for a furnished apartment or mother in law this summer for 1-2 months. They need a one or two bedroom apartment, any where in Bellingham would be great. Doesn’t have to allow pets and price no higher than $2500. Please contact Alysia if you have anything available: – Alysia Paxton


By Kate Campbell. I met her years ago when we both taught at a music camp back east. I just fell in love with her. She wrote this about being a White kid down South during the civil rights movement. An extraordinary song, with a perspective rarely heard, and so important.

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511

If you want to ask me to post something, just email me. If it’s urgent, phone. If

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