Cat Alert; HS Senior Car Parade; Free Chalk!; Unmasked Workers; 5 Rules To Live By; More; Song: If You Say Yes

CONTENTS 6/12/2020
Loose Cat Alert
High School Senior Car Parade Tomorrow
Free Chalk!
Unmasked Workers
5 Rules To Live By
Good Help With Parenting
Baseline Temperatures
Radio Free Fl!p: If You Say Yes

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Just started walking around Elizabeth Park and there is a white cat with orange patches that is Uber friendly. Has a collar but no tags. The tail is straight, and orange striped. Head is pretty orange. It is probably one of the most friendly cats ever met but maybe because it’s hungry. This is meeting any of the criteria for cats that have been reported missing lately? I live nearby and have never met this cat before. Jana Williams, Walnut Street 360-920-5518

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 13th, between 12:15 -1:00, we will celebrate senior graduates of 2020 who went to Columbia Elementary as they are driven up and down the streets of Columbia Neighborhood.  Come out in your front yard and cheer them on! Graduates, meet Saturday at 12:00 at 2515 Kulshan St. in your decorated vehicle to line up.  Wear your cap and gown. 
Natalie and Chris Wermus

I just ordered 49 sets of really bright colored chalk. It will be here in plenty of time. And the Eldridge Society has donated $300 that they usually spend on the Fourth Of July Parade & Picnic to purchase chalk. So I can give lots of it away!!! Right now I have over 150 sets of pastel chalk, and have still more medium-bright chalk coming. You’ll be able to request the chalk you want/need. First come; first serve. With luck I’ll have enough. It’s still good to go buy your own locally too, but I’m feeling very relieved. Thank you to all the donors (the rest of them are anonymous)! It looks like the Chalk website and sign-up form may go live as soon as this coming Monday. I’ll shout it from the rooftops the minute it’s done. And a HUGE shout-out to neighbor Jonny Kemp for doing all the work on that!

I think we can probably handle the issue of restaurant workers without masks, as customers, by warmly but regretfully telling them why we are not staying to eat, how much we wish we could, and by calling to inquire about masks in advance so we can tell if we are safe to come. Customer pressure, especially if warmly stated, may be effective without setting up businesses to be Annoyed At The Government.
I would also say, please wear your own mask! Though you have to remove it while you eat, make sure you have it firmly in place any time the server is at your table. Your server is risking their life to serve you, for less than minimum wage. Their mask protects you. Your mask protects them. Please be rigorous! And tip well…

There’s no playbook for living through a pandemic, so we decided to create one. With some basic rules to guide you, everyone can lower risk and live a full life while we wait for the virus to get under control.

So many of us are in the thick of parenting in a really challenging time. Do you know Patty Wipfler? She is more thoughtful about parents and families than anyone else I’ve ever known. She’s got a website: – and a book called Listen! that is helpful for relationships with anyone of any age. She got in up to the armpits with me and my boys back in the day. She lives in Palo Alto. She has created a wonderful resource for parents.
Lots of recent posts about coronavirus & home schooling:c

Our Unity Care Geriatric RN specialistic strongly suggested we over 65 get our baseline temperature, usually 97.? since we’re seniors. I’m taking mine everyday for a bit to get mine. This helps if we have symptoms and need to go for checkup. Testing at 99 IS a raised temp for many seniors. She said many Med. Assistants don’t know this yet & poopoo 99 as no problem! So far mine is usually 97.5 or 7, sometimes 96.something. Wow-good to know! 

I hope nobody ever needs to know these things but it is good information. I was cruising a forum thread online, somebody mentioned that Giant Hornets are considered a delicacy by some people in Japan. Here is a reply from a resident of Japan. There is some useful information for us here, and ways to avoid them. 
“In Nagano prefecture (mountainous regions) mainly. Everywhere else they are considered a bloody nuisance. We got about 60-70 deaths annually – hikers who wander into close proximity of the nest unbeknown to them: 6mm stinger, twice as aggressive as regular hornets and packing more neurotoxin than your regular wasp….3-4 stings sends you into the shock. I get their scouts flying on to my balcony on occasion. 
Avoid black clothing if possible and if you see one try to keep yourself lower than its fly path – their field of vision is not aimed downwards.” ~ MIichael Longenecker

I met Cindy Kallet through Gordon Bok. That’s her husband Grey Larsen with her. She is an astonishing instrumentalist and brave writer and explorer of her own soul.

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