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CONTENTS 5/28/2020
Hop-Thru Produce Stand
Neighborhood Pottery Stand
The Bagelry
Found Key
Rental Available
Radio Free Fl!p: Gone, Gonna Rise Again


I am still hosting Rabbit Fields Farm at my house every Saturday from 9-1. Online Pre Order & Walk Up. The organic produce is bagged or box and ranges from $5.00-30.00. The veggies have been harvested and packaged safely and we maintain a mindful distance and distribution at the stand. I hope to see you at what has become, a lovely community offering.  https://www.rabbitfieldsfarm.com/
~ Heather Fitzstrawn, 2526 Kulshan Street


Blue Water Pottery has set up a walk-up pottery stand on our street! We are selling our pieces that are cosmetic ‘seconds’ – pottery that has a blemish or small flaw or maybe we just didn’t like how it turned out – at half price (or better!) of normal cost. We’re putting out around a dozen pieces each day, from about 8 am to 8 pm. Sometimes I’ll post on Facebook or Instagram a picture of what is on display. We’ve got hand sanitizer at the booth, and payment is on the honor system with Venmo, or there’s a phone number to call or text us to come out for other payment methods.

I’m also restocking our Clay Art Kits as fast as I can! These kits contain some information, a small tool kit, and 2 pounds of clay for building and squishing. It’s great for anyone who needs a little hands-on art or something for the kids to do. We aren’t currently ‘firing’ or finishing your creations, but Burnish Clay Studio has resumed drive-by drop off and pick up, and they can bisque fire your art. The Clay Kits are free to pick up and will be at the Pottery Stand as soon as we can make some more. We’ve already given away over 150 kits!

Megan & Jeremy Noet
2521 Vallette St.
Blue Water Pottery


Goods Nursery and Produce at the corner of Northwest & Elm is open with all your gardening essentials. We have local honey, Joe’s veggie and strawberry starts, herbs, pansies, compost and more! We are sanitizing all surfaces, enforcing social distancing among shoppers and disinfecting constantly. Cory is there daily from 9-4PM.

    Goods Local Brews is offering a growler exchange. Bring in your own growler and we will exchange it with a clean, sanitized one with a new cap. Check in with Cory from 9-4PM at the produce stand and he can fill your growler for you. Thank you all for your continued support through this very difficult time. We look forward to when we can open our doors again to the community! Stay safe and healthy!

  Cory’s cell: 360-303-9115


Did I say Mallard Ice Cream is open for scoops and pints?  https://www.mallardicecream.com/


Now filling online orders & subscriptions Mondays, Fridays, & Saturdays! Please order at least 24 hours in advance. We are not accepting over the phone or walk in orders at this time. https://www.bagelrybellingham.com/


Are there skilled enthusiasts that might volunteer to photograph our chalk festival? Chalkers can take their own, but it would be so cool to get some really good photos as well.


Last night I got to talk with an old friend. Miriam Barnett used to live in Bellingham and work with Allied Arts. She started and ran the downtown Chalk Art Festival for years, so I tracked her down in Tacoma. But, I was also her baby sitter when she was a little girl and we adored each other. It turns out there is only 5 or 6 years difference in our ages!

Miriam had lots of suggestions for our chalk festival: When you choose your chalk location, will it track into buildings? Can viewers get a good view? Can passers-by actually get past? Can we get some local dignitaries to preside? Want a photo of your artwork on a T-shirt or fridge magnet with a virtual frame that says Columbia Neighborhood Chalk Walk? Miriam said to be sure to set a rain date…

But she had another story that really caught me. In her neighborhood, folks are putting out boxes with food in front of their houses. Lots of folks. Anyone passing by can adopt any of the food that catches their fancy. A sweet way to share.

I realize that in our moderately well off neighborhood, we have neighbors who have lost their jobs, not just “till the pandemic is over” but forever. They live in nice, well-kept homes. Wear nice clothes. We would never know they needed help if they didn’t ask. And there are people who feel embarrassed to ask for help. Putting food out is such a tender way of sharing. It doesn’t ask any questions; it’s just a gift to whoever wants it.


Hello neighbors – We found a single silver key on the gravel path near the small bridge in Squalicum Creek Parkway yesterday evening. Let me know if you lost one. ~ Whitney Knickrehm


1 bdrm, 1 ba, in historic Fountain District. $750/mo includes W/S, garbage & laundry facilities. Available mid June. No pets, non-smoker. For more information contact klwalkup@hotmail.com
Karen Walkup, Lynn Street


Written and sung by Si Kahn, following on the apple theme from yesterday. This is kinda fun – both watching my own mind at play, and suddenly having my own one-song-a-day radio show!


Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511 cell/text  flip@columbianeighborhood.org

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