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CONTENTS 5/23/2020
Fourth Of July Chalk Art Celebration
Correction: Share Shack Location
Free Sedge Plants
Risk Levels Of 14 Summer Activities
Instrumental: Muriel Anderson Harp Guitar
Song: Rainbow Connection


I really believe this is going to happen! There sure are a lot of details to figure out. I’m making it up as I go along. But as of this evening, there are 130 sets of pastel colored chalk inside my front entry. (Thank you Susanne Hancock for delivery!) Now I need to figure out how to safely distribute chalk. The last thing I want is to hoard it! Got ideas? I’d love to hear them.

There is some more chalk coming, too. I’m hoping many households will get their own, and pick up extra for neighbors. I could use donations to help cover the cost of the first mountain of boxes. There appears to be something of a national shortage of sidewalk chalk at the moment, so don’t wait for the last minute. Check local stores to help the money stay in town. A lot of the online stores are out. My goal is for us to connect and celebrate as a neighborhood while still socially distancing.

I have figured out that I will use my front walk for our household art, instead of the sidewalk, so I don’t get in the way of walkers and strollers. Young artists (and adult ones as well) may need some preparation for the fact that our artwork will wind up getting walked on! Unless you have a fence you could decorate instead…

I’m hoping to get some teams together to help. Zeke and I are staying home, so I’ll need volunteers: photographers to get good shots of the artwork (and artists), hosts to mark the sidewalk around Columbia Elementary for social distancing. Hosts to distribute chalk (safely) to anyone who needs some. Some sets could go in Little Free Libraries, with an invitation included. I’ll talk with some local shops. What else?  Love/Fl!p


My yesterday’s post incorrectly listed Aaron’s home address as the address of the Share Shack.  The Share Shack is located at the SW corner of Henry and Connecticut!


Two large sedge plants that can be divided.  They are in the alley behind 2725 Utter St. ~ Kathy Piscitello


The more time you spend and the closer in space you are to any infected people, the higher your risk. Interacting with more people raises your risk, and indoor places are riskier than outdoors. Always choose outdoors over indoor, always choose masking over or not masking, and always choose more space for fewer people over a smaller space.


Playing a Dire Straits song, and a Beatles song. Muriel used to teach at Guitar Camp. I remember her teaching her whole class the theme from The Flintstones… She’s having an online birthday party concert tomorrow. Check for details.

Sung by Kermit, of course.

While we’re at it, I found Kermit & Steve Martin playing Dueling Banjos! I myself have been working on learning to play old time drop-thumb “frailing” on my fretless gourd banjo. It’s just barely beginning to sound a bit like music.  Not like this though!

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