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Whatcom County Helpers
Community Food & Supplies Drive!
Little Free Libraries Etc.
Garden Stuff And Magazines
Lost Drone
Cheese Making Supplies?
Wrong Song: Random Canyon

Community Food & Supplies Drive!

Saturday May 23, 2020 10 AM to noon

Whatcom County Community Helpers is a nonpartisan, unaffiliated grassroots group of volunteers created to protect our community from the Covid-19 pandemic by connecting Neighbors in Need with Healthy Helpers who complete essential tasks using strict safety protocols. Whatcom County Community Helpers is partnered with local nonprofit Fellowship of Messengers, an interfaith community of people seeking to build social connections through volunteer work. 100% of Funds donated to this account are directed toward members of our community whose employment has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The WCCH team is super excited to host a Community Food & Supplies Drive in collaboration with four Bellingham churches – Cornwall, Grace, Hillcrest and Redeemer. On the morning of Saturday, May 23, 2020 each church will serve as a drop off location for donations of shelf stable foods, personal hygiene products and cleaning supplies. Members of the community who want to participate should shop or clear personal pantries of the items indicated on the list below and find the drop off location nearest their home. A team of WCCH and volunteers from each church will be on hand from 10am to 12pm to receive donations on a drive-thru basis. We will be trading donations of food and supplies for handcrafted masks sewn with love from our friends at Whatcom Mask Collective! Locations of the four churches listed above are on the website. So are lists of needed items.


A neighbor raised a concern about the risks of Coronavirus transmission through the generous exchanges in our neighborhood. So I went and asked a doctor for his input. His response is that there is some slight risk, and people using the exchanges might want to wear gloves. And let books rest a few days before reading. Wipe down other objects, and wash produce – as well as hands – as soon as you get home. He thinks the likelihood of transmission is reasonably low. And being able to support our neighbors and be supported is so important to all of us.


There are a few plants and spare seeds out in front of my house on Victor Street. 2500 block, under the huge maple tree. I don’t have as many as usual this spring, but I will try to keep replenishing: horseradish; native groundcovers including wild ginger, “inside-out flower,” beach strawberry, and small false Solomon seal. All of them do well in shade.

 Also – I’m putting out some bags of the magazines I usually would donate to the library. Mostly New Yorkers and New York Review of Books. I think the safest and best thing would be to just take the whole bag as a surprise package rather than rummaging through. They have all had a good long spell untouched at my house.

Lane Morgan –


Black Sky Rider (no camera) got caught in the wind and blew northeast this evening. It came down somewhere in the 2600 block of either Williams or Utter, just north of North. Please contact me if you find it. It is not used to being away from home overnight.
~ Jerry McGarity, Victor Street 360) 319-9076


Does anyone know where or if one can get cheese making supplies in our area? ~Fl!p


And now for something completely different! And not particularly tasteful. If you are easily offended do not click this one. He uses a naughty word and is quite rude, although no one is being blamed for anything. It’s a pure celebration. It’s possible alcohol may have been involved. (I wouldn’t know. I only use it for cooking.) Do not anticipate mellow and comforting music if you do click. But I promise you won’t be bored.This song & performance has cracked me up from the first moment I heard it over half a lifetime ago. My jaw hit my chest and went downhill from there. I despair of ever singing it with the utter abandon of Van Ronk, but it’s a great dream. If you’re ready to blow off a little steam in a not-particularly-socially-acceptable way, here’s your chance. My sense of humor is occasionally a little warped. It’s possible that my judgement is less than stellar tonight, and I apologize for pushing the limits, possibly right over the canyon wall. You might not want to click on this one. I promise I’ll be nice and sweet again tomorrow.

Random Canyon, by Peter Stampfel, sung by Dave Van Ronk

Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511 cell/text

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