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CONTENTS 5/12/2020
Columbia Neighborhood Association Meeting
Map Your Neighborhood
Nurses Week
Help Offered
Needs Elastic For Masks
Dog Pee Problem
Scott Katz New Song
How To Post

Online – Zoom Call
Tuesday, May 19 7-8pm

Our Neighborhood Quarterly Meeting will be focused on neighbors helping neighbors and beginning a discussion on moving forward towards a zero waste future.


1) Welcome

2) Guest Speaker – Sandi Heinrich, Founder –

Sandi will share about the program and help people to understand that they don’t need to go to the store or pick up prescriptions if they are elderly or otherwise at high risk… There are healthy less vulnerable people who can do that for them. We are also able to offer assistance with food and other supplies for low income families who need help paying for these items, Especially if they’ve lost their job due to Covid.

3) CNA Treasurer’s Report

4) MNAC (Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Commission) Update

5) Food Bank Updates – Jennifer Moon

6) Columbia Share Shack Updates/Discussion(if there is time)- Future use of the Share Shack

7) Guest Speaker – Mark Peterson, Sustainable Business and Food Recovery Program Manager, Sustainable Connections

He will be giving a presentation on: Food Waste A Global Issue Ripe for Individual Action: sharing some of the issues surrounding the global issues of food waste and how we as individuals can reduce our own food waste and make a positive impact.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 974 1245 2295
Password: 531288
One tap mobile

I am delighted to report that I found Dr Mary Schoenfeldt, a disaster preparedness expert who lives in Marysville. She has amended the Map Your Neighborhood block-at-a-time disaster preparedness program for Covid. I’m busy studying right now. One of the cool things Mary did was activate dog walkers. You’re out there anyway with your dogs, you can help keep an eye out for neighbors who might need help. As we organize our blocks, we’ll ask vulnerable folks to post an OK sign in their windows, which can be turned around to become a HELP sign. Write your phone number on the side that says Help, so it can be read from outside your house. Dog walkers: if you see a help sign, call that number to see what help the person needs. If you can’t get an answer, call 911. Pretty simple; pretty effective!

And the Herald just ran this on Earthquake Preparedness because that’s still important too.

I would love to get every single block in our neighborhood to meet and organize themselves, and I am willing to help! Love/Fl!p 360-671-4511 Text or phone

is celebrated annually from May 6th and culminates today, May 12th, the birthday of Florence Nightingale. I can think of four gifts particularly appropriate for our nurses this year. 1. Adequate PPE 2. A raise. 3. Cancelling their student debt 4. Respect. They are finally getting some of the last.

I’m happy to help store runs and/or any other things people need who are staying home.  ~ Michael Little,  917-573-9471,

Can anyone, please, help me find elastic for masks?  Everywhere seems to be sold out still and I’ve used up all my elastic and the elastic of my friends.  I even harvested some from camisoles!  I am happy to pay you or make you a mask (I have 5 different fabrics).  I would really love to keep making these and maybe you have some old 1/4 inch elastic you are ready to pitch!  Or you know where I can buy some myself! Text me please if you can help (360) 920-5297.  Thanks so much. ~ Cat Enright, Utter Street

[I have five Singer sewing machine needles, new packet, if anyone wants them – Fl!p]

When you allow your dogs to urinate on our bushes, they’re killing them. Please be respectful of others property. ~ Elaine Wood

Scott is an old buddy from Guitar Camp, and his new song is classic Scott – dry, slightly self-deprecating, “more honest than we are supposed to be in public” humor, till you get to the very end. And then I’m all in. Thanks, Scott!

If you want me to post something, just email me at  or call me, especially if you’re on a short timeline. It’s still taking sometimes a full day to get messages out, so leave me some lead time. Find a lost pet, phone me, not text, ok? 360-671-4511 Text or phone


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