Trigger Warning

Cat Concerns (Trigger warning – animal violence) No horrible photos, but very sad news.

A passerby just noticed a black and white cat leg just south of our house at 2511 Lynn St- would you mind letting folks know in case they are looking for their cat? ~ Christine Hancock, 510.847-5554

We have lots of wildlife down in the ravine – coyotes, raccoons, owls. Our cats look like dinner to a lot of them. I have just called Alison at Animal Control to alert her, just to rule out any possibility of human predators. They will be picking up the leg for careful examination since we did have such a human predator in the greater Bellingham area last year. Alison will let me know the outcome of their examination. If anyone sees something concerning, please call or email to let Animal Control know. Odds are good it was just wildlife finding dinner. Our condolences to the kitty’s humans.

Animal Control
360-733-2080 x 3017