Food Bank Deliveries, Twentieth Death, Passover Greetings, More.

Food Bank Deliveries
Twentieth Death
Passover Greetings
Toilet Paper Explained
Columbia Neighborhood
Over 300 Masks
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Whatcom Unified Command organizes food bank deliveries for homebound high-risk individuals and families

Bellingham, WA — Food bank home delivery is now available for individuals and families who can not afford to purchase food, and are unable to access food bank pick up sites. This program is a partnership between Whatcom Unified Command, the Opportunity Council and The Volunteer Center of Whatcom County.

To qualify, individuals and households must be unable to access food bank pick up sites due to a lack of transportation or be in a high-risk category. Based upon Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, high-risk categories include:

  • People aged 65 or older.
  • People who live in a nursing home or long-term care facility.
  • People who are pregnant should be monitored as they can be at increased risk for severe viral illness.
  • People with high-risk conditions, such as:
    • Chronic lung disease or moderate to severe asthma.
    • Serious heart conditions.
    • Any age group with severe obesity (body mass index >40), or certain underlying medical conditions, particularly if not well controlled, such as diabetes, renal failure, or liver disease.
    • Weakened immune system due to a variety of conditions including cancer treatment, smoking, bone marrow or organ transplantation, immune deficiencies, poorly controlled HIV or AIDS and prolonged use of corticosteroids and other immune weakening medications.

To apply for the food bank home delivery program, complete the food bank home delivery online form or call (360) 255-0465. Online requests must be completed by 12:00 pm (noon) on Wednesday in order to be processed in time for a Friday delivery. Requests made after noon on Wednesday will be delivered on Friday of the following week

Additional food bank resources are available on the Whatcom Asset Building Coalition Website.

Families and individuals do not have equal access to food resources in our community. This puts some people at higher risk of getting sick. This program aims to support individuals and families who need it during this time. This program is not intended to replace grocery store purchases for those who can afford to buy groceries. Individuals and families who are able to purchase groceries but are concerned about visiting grocery stores in person due to high health risks are encouraged to contact local grocery stores to ask about delivery or pick up options, or check in with friends, families or other neighbors about how to get support.



We grieve with the families left behind. Staying at home is working. Please don’t stop. Care for one another.


Chag Pesach Sameach to all who celebrate. I’ve been cooking for days, and so many people have generously shared with me. When I found this point & counterpoint, it made me laugh, but it also comforted my heart. What we do to care for one another is sacred.

Point: If you’re not eating matzoh this week, you’re not keeping kosher for Passover.

Counterpoint: Actually, the principle of pikuach nefresh, the saving of a life, means that it’s acceptable to eat chametz (leavened bread) this week to avoid going to the grocery store.

Superpoint: Actually, anything you scrounge together from odds and ends while huddled in your home, consumed by the knowledge that remaining indoors is the only way to prevent plague from wreaking deaths in your community, is about a million times more kosher for Passover than anything you’ve ever eaten in your whole life!


With some 75% of the U.S. population under stay-at-home orders, Americans are no longer using the restrooms at their workplace, in schools, at restaurants, at hotels, or in airports. The commercial stuff is a different product that often comes from different mills. Plus people are shopping far less frequently. And more…



Our neighborhood has now donated over 300 masks for first responders, plus goggles, face shields and more. A volunteer picked up my old sewing machine and a serger today. Another volunteer will tune them up, and more folks will use them to make PPE. Thanks everybody!



He sure left behind some beautiful music.

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