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April 1 2020

  Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Strong Whatcom County

  N95 Mask Exhalation Valve Safety PSA

  Food Safety: Groceries & Restaurants

  Safely Sterilizing Home Masks

  Reassuring Doctor In Writing

  Stay Home Please

  Stone Soup Project

  Economic Impact Survey

Columbia Neighborhood


  Free Japanese Anemone Flower Starts 

  Truck And Driver Needed

Whatcom Unified Command
Stay home, Stay healthy, Stay Strong Whatcom County Way to go, Whatcom County! Every time you choose to stay home, you are doing your part to protect your neighbors, friends, and family. Staying home isn’t easy for everyone in Whatcom County. Staying home may mean we don’t get paid, we can’t go to school, or we can’t pay rent. Not all of us have the same access to resources like medical care, sick leave, jobs, food, or housing that keep us going and cushion us in these tough times. This puts some of us at greater risk of getting sick, going without basic necessities, losing our income, or even our home. It means some kids can easily access online learning to keep up their education while others can’t. And it means some of us will get COVID-19, and some of us won’t. That’s why it’s so important we stay in this together. Because we can all take action every day to care for our neighbors, our friends, our families, and even the strangers we’ll never see.

Here are ways that you can give back to your community: Check on neighbors. Some may feel isolated, or their home may be unsafe. Consider dropping off a care package to a neighbor, using safe social distancing, or help with getting groceries. If you or someone you know feels unsafe at home, the following resources are here to help. Brigid Collins Family Support Center offers individualized support and resources to families in Whatcom and Skagit counties. To speak to staff in the Whatcom County office call 360-734-4616. Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services offers support to adults experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault and sexual exploitation.  To speak to staff call the 24-hour phone hotline at 360-715-1563. Lummi Victims of Crime offers a variety of support for adults and adolescents who have been affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, elder abuse and other violent crimes.  To speak to staff call the 24-hour phone hotline at (360) 312-2015. National Domestic Violence Hotline offers support through the chat feature on the website or over the phone at 1-800-799-7233 or 1-800-787-3224 (TTY). API Chaya specializes in supporting survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking with people from or affiliated with Asian, Pacific Islander, and Middle Eastern communities. If at any time you are questioning the safety of adults or children, Adult Protective Services and Child Protective Services may be the appropriate and necessary option.

If you can contribute financially, these local organizations are accepting funds and other types of donations to help Whatcom county residents meet their needs. Local Food Banks: Ferndale Food BankFoothills Food BankBellingham Food Bank are some options. Chuckanut Health Foundation: COVID-19 Relief and Response Fund. Lhaq’temish Foundation and Whatcom Community Foundation: Resilience Fund. United Way of Whatcom County: Emergency Recovery Fund: COVID-19. Support a local business Buy a gift card, shop online, call-in orders, or get delivery if it is offered. Strengthen local farms by signing up for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Box.

The more we can all stay home, the sooner we can get back to business as usual. Reducing our in-person contact with one another is our best tool to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our community. Most of us are doing our part to keep our community healthy: we are staying home. It’s tough. It’s inconvenient. But it will make a difference.


I hate to be alarmist, but I think we have a genuine problem, and it’s one we can do something about.

We wear masks not just to protect ourselves, but even more, to protect those around us, since we can be infectious without symptoms. It turns out masks with valves make things more dangerous for those around us instead of less. I think this info needs to get spread really fast. Can you help? 

I got an urgent response to my post yesterday about exhalation valve problems on N95 masks. 

I went looking on the web, and found this from the CDC about filtering of exhalations:

Respirators with exhalation valves can be used in a healthcare setting when it is not important to maintain a sterile field (an example of an acceptable practice would be when taking the temperature or blood pressure of a patient). Respirators with exhalation valves should not be used in situations where a sterile field is required (e.g., during an invasive procedure in an operating or procedure room) because THE EXHALATION VALVE ALLOWS UNFILTERED EXHALED AIR TO ESCAPE into the sterile field.

We’re trying not to infect each other. Prior to this pandemic, it was rare for there to be concern about infecting others through the outflow valve except during surgery. We are now in a new situation in which we all need to be concerned. At a choral rehearsal in Skagit Valley, 45 of the 60 participants came down with the virus, and two died. That group was not touching, and was sitting spaced apart. Singing appears to add power and range to exhalations. And unfortunately, masks with valves appear to do the same, like putting your thumb over the end of a garden hose. So, tape over the valve intake on the inside, while touching the mask as little as possible. Wash your hands first. Let’s stay safe, and especially keep each other safe.


This is a very detailed and thoughtful guide. He thinks we’re generally safe and says why.


Please be careful not to use hot water and bleach at the same time! Too-hot water can release toxic chlorine gas. Also be sure not to mix bleach with anything other than water as the combinations can also produce toxic gases.  ~Margie Katz


Here is a written article that corresponds to the video of the NYC doctor I shared a few days ago. Thank you, Morgan Franklin, for sending it to me.


This is a response to the comments from the doctor on your last post. I’m a little concerned with her information saying that people at risk, if wearing a mask could get out in the world again. All the experts are saying stay home, stay home, stay home. It’s great that masks will help with cutting down the spread but I personally wouldn’t want to be giving a sense of false hope. And some to people’s interpretation of this statement.

 I do agree that people who are having to get out for essential shopping should definitely start wearing masks.  But being a very high risk patient I will continue to heed the warnings and suggestions from the experts not to go out.

I do get out in my yard for fresh air but no further. ~Tami Crawford


Don Goldberg (Port of Bellingham Economic Development Director) is leading an economic recovery task force under Unified Command.  They will be coordinating countywide initiatives with the broader agency group. They are distributing a Economic Impact Survey to assess the impacts of COVID 10 on the county economy. I’ve included a link to the survey below. Please distribute the survey as broadly as possible to City contractors, consultants, businesses, gig workers, freelancers, artists etc. The survey is due April 8.  Here’s the link to the survey:


Checks may be sent to:

Fellowship of Messengers

1770 Front St. #204

Lynden WA 98264

Paypal to:



My neighbor talked to a family biking down our street today, and they had only seen six or so stuffed animals. I put mine in the house in my picture window, facing my neighbors’ big bear in their window. It will add interest to walks and rides through the neighborhoods. ~Zip Jelino


Free pink Japanese anemone flower starts in a box in front of 2628 Williams Street. ~ Laura Todd, Williams Street


I am helping Animals as Natural Therapy get 5 yards of Compost to Common Threads (school gardens).  If you have a truck and time to support the movement of compost between these two organizations, we would LOVE your help.  You can contact me and I will get you in touch with folks of the organizations.  THANK YOU! ~ Laura Todd, Williams Street, 360-224-0116


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