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April 2 2020

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  N95 masks with exhalation valves were designed only to protect the wearer, and not other people. They not only release unfiltered air, they propel it, like putting your thumb over the end of a garden hose. We can fix this! But we need to do so. Here’s a quote (and link) from the CDC:


   “Respirators with exhalation valves can be used in a healthcare setting when it is not important to maintain a sterile field (an example of an acceptable practice would be when taking the temperature or blood pressure of a patient). Respirators with exhalation valves should not be used in situations where a sterile field is required (e.g., during an invasive procedure in an operating or procedure room) because THE EXHALATION VALVE ALLOWS UNFILTERED EXHALED AIR TO ESCAPE into thesterile field.” [Quote from CDC, emphasis mine.]

   We’re trying to avoid infecting each other. Prior to this pandemic, it was rare for there to be concern about infecting others through the outflow valve except during surgery. We are now in a new situation in which we all need to be concerned. At the choral rehearsal in Skagit Valley, 45 of the 60 participants came down with the virus, and two died. That group was not touching, and was sitting spaced apart. Singing appears to add power and range to exhalations. And unfortunately, masks with valves appear to do the same. So, put strong tape over the valve intake, on the inside, while touching the mask as little as possible. Wash your hands first.

  Please help spread this word, because it hasn’t yet gotten out in the world.


As of today, the recommendations are changing since once we have even homemade masks, it is better to wear one than not.  It has become clear that the big deal is that a significant part of our population is infected  and don’t know it and so the docs including the surgeon general have changed their minds. See PBS Newshour today.  Better to wear a homemade mask than nothing.  https://www.pbs.org/newshour/   April 1, 2020  ~ John Egbert


Shortages of Personal Protective Equipment, like masks and gowns, put our medical workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic at greater risk. Join Bellingham Makerspace and RE Sources to help make DIY gowns in the coming weeks — or donate supplies.

On April 1st, federal officials reported that the national stockpile of equipment for healthcare workers is nearly gone. We’re tackling the problem locally with a volunteer-run production facility to make protective gowns out of Tyvek construction wrap for PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center workers. PeaceHealth has approved this effort, and the workspace is following all social distancing and sanitation rules.

Sign up to assemble Tyvek gowns at Bellingham Makerspace. This form includes the option to get a do-it-yourself kit to make gowns from home if you are strictly limiting your outings. If you can donate supplies, let us know in the form as well! 

Reach out to Eddy Ury with any questions: EddyU@re-sources.org


Here is a link from Makerspace that can be shared with anyone who is requesting cloth masks and such.  They can fill this out and then we can begin distributing things in an organized fashion.  Should speed things up a bit too.



Here’s a wishlist from the Whatcom Covid Command – https://whatcomcovid.com/


[Thank you to Michael Kelberer for getting this link, and so many other things on this blog, to work!]


“We would all be dead if not for the grocery-store stockers. The farm workers. The maintenance staff. The nurses, the intake staff at hospitals and doctors’ offices. Without the tech support people. The novel coronavirus has cast the mighty from their offices and lifted up the dignity and irreplaceability of those we thought were lowly workers.”  ~ Natalia Imperatori-Lee, National Catholic Reporter, April 2, 2020


This is a cool local publication, with relevant information. WhatcomTalk.com


Long ago I worked for WIC. I believe this statement in your newsletter may conflate WIC-approved foods with Food-Stamp approved products: “When you shop for groceries, avoid items with a shelf tag that says WIC. For folks on food stamps, those are the only options they can purchase.” This needs checking, but I’m pretty certain food-stamp recipients can buy the vast majority of food products (just not alcohol and some other excluded items), whereas WIC vouchers are good only for a very small subset of food products, all of which which enhance health for infants, children, and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding–foods such as milk, cheese, eggs, and iron-fortified cereals.  ~ Marc Hoffman [Marc has been helping me with this blog, and taught me Flatworld, my favorite tune for many years.]



In search of cardboard boxes, the larger the better, for sheet mulching around my new veggie garden I’ve been digging to ward off cabin fever. I’ll pick up, just text me. Thanks! ~Kendall Scoboria on Victor St  (360) 223-0839



TR Richie spent his last years in Bellingham. I need this song of his from time to time.


Today, Thursday April 2, 4 PM 

I’m not sure if a donation is required to access this concert, but I have hosted local concerts over the years for each of these world-class musicians and I’m looking forward to seeing an archived video of them performing together, not that long ago, at the historic Cafe Lena in upstate New York.


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