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  Hospital Controversy

  PPE Delivery: New Location

  Confirmed Cases 102 Deaths 3

  Dr Fauci On Coronavirus

  Support Shuksan & Hospital Workers

Columbia Neighborhood



A 17-year veteran Emergency Room doctor in town was fired yesterday and escorted off campus. The situation is being covered regionally and nationally today, including AP and Washington Post.

There seem to be two aspects to this controversy: Whether PeaceHealth has done everything in its power to protect our health care workers, and whether they have leveled with us as a community about the situation at our hospital. Workers’ concerns are being raised, and our community deserves clear, complete answers. The Washington State Nurses Association issued a statement that they are “appalled” and have filed a complaint with the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. 

 Today’s Bellingham Herald covered it this way:

  Seattle Times follow-article yesterday 3.27.2020


  NWCitizen article yesterday and today. They originally broke the story.


  An interview with Dr Ming Lin


Home sewn masks, gowns, printed face shields can be delivered to Bellingham MakerSpace 12 – 5 Monday through Friday. (They can also be delivered to the Unified Command out near the airport, from 4 – 6 PM only Monday – Friday.) The Grabow Center asks people now to deliver to these two spaces. They were happily overwhelmed with our community’s generosity, but were unable to keep up with the largess in order to properly sanitize the gifts prior to delivery.  Bellingham Makerspace will now coordinate county efforts for providing medical professionals with the protective equipment they need. Bring them by Bellingham Makerspace which is located at the Bellis Fair Mall.  If you are in the parking lot and driving toward Dick’s Sporting Goods, there is a loading culdesac on the right.  We will have someone available to receive donations between 12 – 5, Mon -Fri. 


Whatcom county now has 102 positive tests. Another Shuksan resident has died, bringing the total there to three. Five deaths in the county. More nursing homes are now involved. Check the Bellingham Herald for more details.



Shuksan health care workers (and likely hospital workers) could use the following:

1. Cases of Gatorade and vitamin water

2. Coffee (starbucks sells cartons of hot coffee with cups, creamer, etc)

3. Also thinking they may like cases of energy drinks


I heard from three different blocks today that they are working on connecting or re-connecting! I could be more delighted!!! Here’s a report from Walnut Street. If you’re trying to figure out how to get started, this is a great description:

  Just want to let you know that I did a round of updates to our MYN 2700-2800 Walnut St. contact list and the Skills/Knowledge & Stuff to Share in an Emergency list as well. I started by emailing everyone I had on the list since our last update 8/18. One of my neighbors I then went door to door reaching out to all the folks who hadn’t updated via email. We left a note at the households who didn’t answer the door asking them to call/email me with any changes to their info. Next step was updating the lists and sending the info out to everyone via email so they could check for accuracy. Gene & I then got copies of the final version made at CopySource, and then Lynne & I left one at each person’s house. Feeling good to have that done and to have met my new neighbors, even if only from a distance. ~Mardi S



My dog finally found tennis balls are fun.

Anyone have a “chuck-it” they no longer want or use?

  Lindsay Hertz

  Kulshan st



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