March 21 Update – 2

The Most Important Thing You Can Do
Something Else I Would Like Your Help With

I’m sorry to give you hard news. Please, everybody, stay at home. Your job is not to avoid catching it. Your job is to assume you’ve got it and are not yet showing symptoms. Your job is to keep from passing it on.

Our hospital has not yet shifted to local, fast, higher-volume testing. Intake tents are not yet up to protect health care workers, whose own continued health is critical to our own.
 Please contact the chief hospital administrator to ask him to make these changes right now, to protect us all. BUT please, please, please be polite!!! Do NOT attack.  Do not complain about that bad thing that happened years ago. That doesn’t help at all. If enough of us politely, kindly, briefly express extreme concern (like hundreds of us) that is what’s called Public Pressure. When enough of us speak softly together, even folks who haven’t been listening begin to pay attention. No need to shout. There are enough of us to get this job done. PLEASE be nice to the poor person who has to see all these emails. It won’t be the person that makes the decisions. They will just be stuck giving their boss the bad news. We could have them on our side if we’re kind….
Here is the CEO’s email address:
Chuck Prosper c/o


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