March 15 Neighborhood Update

I caught a man stealing from the shed inside my yard on the 2700 block of Utter St. today at 5:15 PM. He was at my backdoor around 3:00 PM, asking to take an old BBQ from the alley. He returned two hours later, and my husband saw him on our doorbell camera and called to tell me that he was on our back porch again. When I looked outside, he wasn’t there. I went to my side window and found him stealing tools from our shed. I called 911, and they were able to find him along with a bag of stolen items. I was able to identify tools stolen from our shed, but there are items belonging to other people in the bag as well. The patrol officer Tori James told me to reach out to the neighborhood, especially close neighbors, to see if they find anything missing and if so, to contact her at (360) 778-8839 with the case number 20B-16291 to claim any missing items.
Diana Lim
Utter St.

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